Sunday, August 15, 2010

please answer my questions....

~ what the girls want to hear...

Girl : Thanks for the fun day!
Boy : No problem.
Girl : Can i ask you a few questions?
Boy : Sure!
Girl : honest!
Girl : have i ever crossed your mind?
Boy : NO.
Girl : Do you like me?
Boy : NO.
Girl : Do you want me?
Boy : NO.
Girl : Would you cry if I left?
Boy : NO.
Girl : Would you live for me?
Boy : NO.
Girl : Would you do anything for me?
Boy : NO.
Girl : Choose me or your life?
Boy : My life.

...the girl ran away in shock depression...

the boy ran after her and told her.....

Boy : The reason your never crossed my mind because, you are always on my mind. The reason why i dont like you is because I LOVE U! The reason i dont want you is because i need you. The reason why i wouldnt cry if you left is because I'll die if you left. The reason i wouldnt live for you is because i would die for you. The reason i'm not willing to do anythingfor you is because I would do everything for you. The reason i chose my life is because....YOU ARE MY LIFE!


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